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We are actively PROTESTING and MAKING A DIFFERENCE to have Israel taken off the negotiation table and KEEP JERUSALEM UNITED. We are doing everything possible to protect America and Jerusalem from terrorist and the actions of our own government. We network and talk, we rally and protest!

Where to go with all this!
1. Contact everyone you know to participate.
2. Write letters to the editor and call in on radio talk shows
3. Confront those running for President and every other office
4. Let your voices be heard. Plan to come to FL, D.C., NYC, etc. and be with us and your statement.
5. Be highly visible! We will soon have Shirts, Stickers, and Buttons
6. Be a part of a speaker's bureau.
7. Offer positive suggestions. We are open to your input.
8. Tell people how we are already winning by making an effort!

We are doing everything we can from rallying to talk shows.
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