Ackerman slams settlements, Israeli attitudes
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February 12, 2009

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Settler "pogroms," settlement building and Israeli intransigence are joined with Palestinian terrorism in a "downward spiral," a top U.S. Jewish congressman said.
Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House of Representatives Middle East subcommittee, made clear in a subcommittee hearing Thursday that he was not trying to draw a moral equivalence between Israeli hard-liners and Palestinian terrorists, "but they are all part of the same destructive dynamic."
In his opening statement, Ackerman described "downward pressure" that "comes from terrorism and the march of settlements. It comes from the firing of rockets and the perpetration of settler pogroms. It comes in daily images of destruction and the constant reiteration that 'they only understand the language of force.' "
The "settler pogroms" apparently are a reference to attacks by Hebron settlers on Arabs in December after Israel evacuated settlers from a building..
Ackerman went on to say, "It comes from tunnels in Gaza and, yes, from digging in Jerusalem as well."
Hamas uses tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip-Egypt border to smuggle in rockets it has fired on Israel. Palestinians have complained that a number of building projects in Jerusalem encroach on Arab neighborhoods.
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Reader Comments
Howard Wallick
02/12/09 04:06 PM
I’m shocked. When I first saw the quotes as coming from a “congressman,” I thought it must have been a fringe guy like Kucinich. Ackerman is mainstream and thus his remarks, as ludicrous as they are, are very worrisome.
--Hillel Wallick
Liz Berney for Congress
02/12/09 06:39 PM
Dear Mr. Wallick,
Unfortunately, these sorts of comments are typical for Congressman Ackerman. Shockingly and most dangerously for Israel and America, Ackerman is Chairman of the Mideast subcommittee. Ackerman has spent the last five years promoting funding for the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas, despite the fact that the PA announced that it sends 40% of the funds it receives from international donors to Hamas, and despite the PA’s continuing promotion of terror in schools, textbooks and Palestinian television. Thanks to Ackerman, last year $600 million of our U.S. tax dollars were sent to the Palestinian Authority and Abbas. Last June, Ackerman said that we should send even more money to Abbas to make him into the “Muslim Santa Claus.” (Seriously.) And Ackerman has criticized Israel for having “illegal outposts” in prior hearings. Ackerman also brags about running around the world talking to the world’s dictators. These are only a few of the reasons why I ran for Congress against Ackerman in 2008 (and did quite well, especially considering that it was a brief, not-well-funded race and a bad year for Republicans), and why I may run against him in 2010. He needs to be stopped. You can read more about his shameful record and outrageous statements on my website.
Liz Berney, Esq.
Great Neck, New York  email:
Liz Berney for Congress

02/13/09 06:40 AM
Two further comments:
Hopefully, JTA’s readers are aware of the fact that the recent accusation that Israeli settlers committed a progrom against Palestinians is a total fabrication, a complete lie. It is the latest of numerous Palestinian propaganda inventions, which have included the non-existent Jenin “massacre” and the al Dura murder, proven to be false in a French court, which have been used as pretexts for attacking Jews around the world. Despite my familiarity with Ackerman’s long line of outrageous statements and actions, I’m actually also a bit shocked that he would trumpet this blood libel about a non-existent progrom as truth at a Congressional hearing.
In case you missed it, Ackerman’s statements after the Mumbai attack were also outrageous. He stated “we can’t stop determined terrorists, so we have to resolve the problems of Kashmir and Israel.” In other words, Ackerman’s solution to terror is to make more concessions to terrorists, and to provide terrorists around the world with more territory which they can utilize for terrorist training camps.. Another Ackerman outrage you may have missed was his accusation against a nice woman lawyer and AIPAC leader from Minnesota, who called her Congresswoman’s office to politely express displeasure with her Congresswoman (Betsy McCollum)’s anti-Israel vote. Such calls are of course is every constituent’s first amendment right. Ackerman accused this woman attorney of engaging in “tactics reminiscent of the Taliban.”
Liz Berney, Esq.
02/13/09 12:01 PM
This flower wearing nut is known to beat his wife and have relations with young boys.
If you ever read about ackerman being caught hitting his wife or raping a boy do not be suprised.
Isaac Perelmuter
02/13/09 12:01 PM
Congressman Ackerman is another example of one who is trying to show how “even-handed” he is by equating Jews who live in the West Bank with Hamas terrorists lobbing rockets at civilians. He even invokes historical terms like “pogroms” to tug at ours emotions . Its a typical liberal left wing tactic. How pathetic!
Isaac Perelmuter
Norman Cone
02/13/09 12:11 PM
We should not forget this. I’ll start to organize a ABA group immediately,
to be ready for the next election. ABA means Anybody but Ackerman. I hope that Jewish voters will support me.
Randall Mecham
02/13/09 12:47 PM
Settler “pogroms,” settlement building and Israeli intransigence are joined with Palestinian terrorism in a “downward spiral.
THIS IS OBVIOUS REALITY. There are others who also deny certain Jewish realities. Do you complainers really want to be in their company?
What do you think it does to others’ perceptions of Jews’ credibility when we deny the obvious?
02/13/09 12:56 PM
Jews of N.Y.!
Recall Ackerman.
We have enough Arabs in America fundraising for Hamas.
$240 millions of your tax money paid for Hamas rockets, thanks Ackerman.
Kick him out!!!
Irmgard Gesund
02/13/09 02:26 PM
Here we have the moral obtuseness of the worst kind of Jewish politician: a man in position of power, willing to pander to the enemies of his own people for the sake of what? Political gain, idealogical blindness, or good old Jewish self-hatred?
Talk about moral equivalence! When a Jew is guilty of this, one is appalled and doubts the competence of such a man to represent and make judgements.
Irmgard Gesund
John Farbarik

Congressman Gary Ackerman
Gary Ackerman
Hall of Shame Entrance
Hall of Shame Entrance